Paul Pitchford Seminar in Washington DC Area

Weekend Program at Maryland University of Integrative Health
May 30-31, 2015
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In this course, titled “Energetics of Food”, students will learn to diagnose and heal various physical ailments using Paul Pitchford’s unique integrative approach. This approach integrates the latest research on nutrition and health with traditional Asian methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Though this course is featured in the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) master’s degree nutrition program, it has, by special arrangement, been opened to all those with an interest in Paul’s work.

This year Paul will provide his empirical foundational teachings, though he has chosen to enhance the topics considerably. The following topics have been updated:

  • Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda will be presented with greater detail and in language that applies especially to those who work in the area of nutrition. For example, a module on tongue assessment will be offered.
  • An updated “clinical theater” where Paul will demonstrate live health plan development for a client using various assessment tools such as interview, pulse, tongue, diagnostic acu-points, and so on.
  • A newly developed client intake form you can use for making health plans for anyone, including yourself. This re-designed form should ease the process of gathering all pertinent information during the intake phase of plan creation.
  • In response to the plethora of recent media attention focusing on dietary fats, Paul will provide practical insights on all major categories of lipids by utilizing traditional teachings in light of reliable scientific studies, which have been well-vetted, repeatedly replicated and endure the test of time. He has watched the ebb and flow of the lipid battles over the years and makes recommendations that endure, rather than chasing after each latest, often faulty or short-sighted, piece of research.
  • An enhanced electro-smog module which will provide guidance on the safest ways to use computers, mobile phones, e-tablets, smart meters, wi-fi, et al. Paul will present biologic and lifestyle remedies to help overcome the negative effects from electro-magnetic fields that permeate our lives.
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Overview of the program at Maryland University of Integrative Health, May 30-31, 2015:
The Energetics of Food [Course NUTR 662]

Using teachings from Chinese medicine and other ancient healing systems, students will explore the inherent qualities of foods and how these impact the eater’s well-being on every level; also, they will learn to assess and choose the most reliable scientific theories to support their healing work.

Students will be provided with a highly functional definition of Yin/Yang according to traditional Chinese clinical nutrition. This definition will include these energetic dimensions:

  • The 5 climatic excesses [Hot/Cold/Damp/Wind/Dry] as assessment tools and their nutritional components used for patient recommendations.
  • Other essential dimensions of Chinese medicine with dietary advisories:
    • Strength [Excess/Deficiency]
    • Depth [Interior/Exterior]
    • Flow [Slippery/Obstructive]
    • Weight [Light/Heavy]
  • How traditional Chinese metaphysics and the Sattva concept of Ayurveda of India can be utilized to develop a clear and engaging understanding of ideal modern nutrition, enhancing one’s vision of unity and compassion.
  • The “Qi” energetics system according to Chinese medicine. How the Spleen-Pancreas Qi model informs us of virtually all beneficial dietary habits.
  • How “Obstructed Liver Qi” inhibits the entire digestive process; ways to smooth out Liver Qi Stagnation.
  • The nutritional aspect of stem cells elucidated via the Jing concept of Chinese medicine and metaphysics.
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