Energetics of Food: An Integrative Approach
with Paul Pitchford

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Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto, Canada
Saturday and Sunday, October 25-26th, 2014

This event will provide insights into the proven pathways for overcoming imbalance & fortifying vitality; it will highlight Paul Pitchford’s most successful nutritional and lifestyle approaches, drawn from a fusion of traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic healing arts as well as current scientific studies.

  • Learn why heightened awareness improves healing response.
  • Remedies for major syndromes found in Western peoples—damp excesses; liver stagnation; and the yin depletion and stress patterns.
  • A module on dietary essentials including teachings on beneficial fats & oils, the differing protein sources, water quality, the carbohydrate controversy, glyconutrient-type polysaccharides for immunity and renewal, and food combining for better digestive health
  • A diagnostic clinical theater where you can observe Paul Pitchford’s approach to nutritional consultation along with an effective, simplified client intake form
  • Remarkable value of traditional Asian plant-based diets
  • Seasonal food patterns and good eating habits
  • The Regenerative Health Plan: universal nutritional therapy that can be modified for virtually all people—that cleanses toxins, metals, viruses, yeasts, parasites and all other pathogenic microbes
  • How to secure dietary compliance for ourselves and clients—our greatest nutritional challenge
  • Sunday will include an Assessment Clinic: Clinical Theater session with a client, in which Paul Pitchford will demonstrate the diagnosis and corresponding recommendations for the client.
  • Prerequisite: It is recommended that you have a copy and have begun to read Healing with Whole Foods (can be purchased at ITM).

To register for Energetics of Food: An Integrative Approach, visit the events page on the ITM website, then click the event image.

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